About this blog and the author

This is the media industry blog of Mark Mulligan, where you will find opinion and insight on the collision of media and technology.  Media Industry Blog analyses the rapidly changing value chains across the various media industries as traditional media companies race to catch up with rapid advances in technology that are changing their business at an unprecedented rate and scale.  Mark has been analysing the digital media space since before a paid content sector even existed, and when DRM was ‘Rights Management’ not ‘Rights Protection’.  Mark aims to strike a balanced approach that is sensitive to the needs and concerns of the media companies but equally understands the realities of consumer behaviour and the business needs of technology companies and telcos.But this blog is a conversation, not a soap box (well ok it’s a bit of one) but nonetheless your feedback is not just welcome, it’s essential. So please leave comments.About Mark

For 11 years Mark was a Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research (later acquired by Forrester Research). In his role as a media and technology analyst, and as a senior research manager, Mark worked right across all the main media value chains, with publishers, studios, labels, broadcasters, retailers, trade bodies, hardware companies and telcos.Mark is routinely quoted and interviewed by top tier media (TV, radio, print and online) and regularly speaks at leading industry.Mark also maintains the leading music industry blog aptly named Music Industry Blog: http://musicindustryblog.wordpress.com/

In addition to his media analysis Mark used to be a recording artist and helped run a couple of small dance labels.

To contact me please email musicindustryblog AT gmail DOT COM

Here are some of my recent press quotes (for more click here)

These are videos of some of my conference keynotes and interviews:


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